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What type of equipment do you use?

Skittles (Combi-Pans)

Seven pieces of equipment in one, a skittle (combi-pan) saves space, time and money by serving as a steamer, skillet, griddle, fryer, kettle, roaster and holding cabinet.

The value of such a versatile unit is easy to see. Commercial kitchens are growing more and more complex. Kitchen space is expensive, and demands for more flexible menus and quicker preparation strains both staff and equipment. Manufacturers have responded by creating the skittle, which can completely replace serve as a backup for several pieces of cooking equipment. The skittle’s flexibility makes it ideal for smaller food service establishments without room for multiple pieces of equipment. Skittles are available in gas, electric, and high performance electric.

Perhaps the skittle’s greatest value is as a steamer. This means lower maintenance costs and no descaling or deliming.

As a skillet, a skittle provides even heating, excellent heat retention, and quick recovery. As a griddle, it offers the advantage of tilting, which allows grease to be drained off even while cooking. The skittle is also excellent for shallow or deep-fat frying. Cooking oils can be drained safely off into a container for filtering or storage. As a kettle, the skittle can be used to prepare soups, sauces, rice, and other foods, with capacity ranging from 7 to 40 gallons. As a roaster, the skittle prepares food in dry heat or in combination with steam, making it ideal for roasting meats, baking potatoes, or reheating prepared foods in 14 cubic feet of oven space. Skittles can also be used as holding cabinets because they have capsule lids that preserve the moisture content of food during holding.