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Braising Pan Components & Accessories

A braising pan looks like a large flat griddle with 7- to 9-inch side walls. It is typically made of stainless steel over aluminum block, or a steel griddle base.
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All units are equipped with both a hinged lid and a tilting mechanism. The lid or cover holds heat in the pan. Tilting mechanisms for braising pans come in three types: manual, hand crank, and electric. The hand crank with a self-locking worm gear is the most popular. The tilting mechanism tilts past 90 degrees so an operator can pour foods out of the pan and clean the unit easily. The pouring side of the pan usually has a notched spout.

The cover should fit tightly and be counterbalanced with springs so it doesn’t shut on an operator’s hand. Lifting handles typically run the length of the pan front (but an operator should also be able to raise the cover from the side to avoid a blast of steam on their hand). Most covers are available with a condensate drip shield and a vent.

Controls for the braising pan include a power off switch and a 100° to 450°F thermostat. Some units include a 60 minute timer and buzzer.

With the exception of 15-gallon models, braising pan units are generally rectangular. One manufacturer produces a round, 15-gallon model. Also, some models contain infrared coils in the pan cover to accommodate special tasks such as baking and top browning.

Braising pans may offer useful accessories that add versatility and labor savings, including:
  • Hot and cold water spray hoses.
  • Food receptor pan supports, hinged to facilitate tilting. Casters for greater mobility.
  • Pan racks that hold 12 by 20 inch steaming pans.
  • An electronic ignition on gas units.
  • Food strainers that slip on and off the pouring spout.
  • Steamer racks, pasta baskets, and poaching pans.
  • A drain valve and hose.