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Energy Planning

Audit Energy Use

Research your current energy utilization, from the equipment and systems you use to the professionals and customers who use it.


Identify Energy Needs

Use the information gained during your energy audit to identify your facility’s current and projected energy needs.


Analyze Energy Gaps & Inefficiencies

Take a look at how effectively you’re using your energy. Are there areas where your energy is being wasted? What sort of energy tradeoffs are you making? Are you taking peak loads into consideration?


Analyze Energy Budget & ROI

Examine your resources to determine where your energy dollars can be optimized.


Implement Energy Changes

Put your Earthcents Energy Lifecycle Plan into action by upgrading or retrofitting equipment, implementing energy-saving practices, involving customers and employees, and more.


Measure Energy Changes & Impact

Assess the effectiveness of the changes you’ve made. Can you further refine your energy systems to run even more efficiently?