Electric Water Heater

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Today’s electric water heating technologies offer reliable, cost-effective solutions that can meet your facility’s unique needs. Georgia Power invites you to explore the wide range of electric water heating solutions available to you.

A Marathon water heater is one of the most energy-efficient water heaters on the market today. This means it can help you save energy year-round, all this while your hot water stays hot. The commercial Eclipse heavy-duty electric water heater comes with an unprecedented 10-year limited tank warranty, extra foam insulation from top to bottom and many other energy-saving features. The Rheem-Ruud Eclipse electric water heater completely overshadows the competition.

Benefits of Electric Water Heating
  • Safer than fuel-fired water heaters because they avoid using a combustion process to heat water
  • Better indoor air quality than fuel-fired water heaters
  • Simple and convenient operation and maintenance
  • Easier to adhere to certain building codes and standards
  • More efficient and functional than fuel-fired water heaters
  • Lower standby loss
  • Easy to incorporate into building design
  • Easy installation
Electric Storage Water Heater Water Heating $40/unit

Residential water heater installed in a small commercial location
with an Energy Factor ≥ 0.94


Rebate also eligible for Small Commercial Customers on the following rates: Power and Light Small, General Service, Optional General Service, Flatbill, and Time of Use Energy.

Marathon® or Eclipse® Commercial Water Heater Building Envelope, Controls, Appliances $525/unit
Water Heater Blanket Water Heating 50% of cost up to $50/unit

≥ R-6.7 insulation blanket on electric water heater only.
Must be >5 years old and located in unconditioned space.

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