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Onsite Ozonated Laundering Cuts Expenses for Busy Nursing Home

Most nursing homes have to provide a small mountain of clean linen and towels each week to service the needs of its residents. One facility, like so many others, was doing all laundering on-site, which is generally much less costly than using a laundry service.

A few of the benefits of ozonated laundry systems:
• Slashes water heating costs – cleans effectively at lower temperature than traditional laundry chemicals (90-100°F versus 140-150°F)
• Unlike traditional cleaning chemicals, it leaves no residue in laundered items or discharged wash and rinse water – meaning less water and time required for rinsing, reducing water and sewer expenses, and also improving production by shortening laundering cycles. Finally, ozone has exceptional disinfecting and deodorizing properties that produce a fresher smelling, more sanitary wash than traditional laundering methods.
• Superior sanitizing and deodorizing due to ozone’s ability to destroy bacteria and viruses
• Increases fabric life – requires less mechanical action and lower wash temperatures
• Helps keep laundry areas cooler than traditional systems

Challenge: How to lower operating expenses

They were still spending too much on detergents, cleaning chemicals, water and sewer services, water heating, and other expenses. “We started asking ourselves if there was a way to cut costs and still get good cleaning results,” explains the owner.

Solution: Ozonated laundry system for superior cleanliness and lower costs

After learning more about the facility’s needs, Georgia Power recommended an ozone laundry system. Ozone (O3) is produced on-site and added to wash and rinse water. It can replace nearly all of the detergents and other traditional laundry chemicals used for cleaning, drastically reducing expenses. Only a small amount of supplemental enzyme-based cleaner is added for certain types of oils and soils.

Results: Big savings on chemicals, water and more

• 60-70% reduction in chemical costs
• 90% reduction in water heating costs
• 20% drop in water and sewer fees expenses (21% lower),
• Improved productivity with reduced washing and sorting times (lower wash temperatures mean less pre-sorting)

Based on these savings, the nursing home expects to recoup its investment in roughly three years, or sooner if their laundry 40-50 hour-per-week laundry operations get even busier as the facility grows.

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