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    Cooking Up Savings with Electric Equipment

    "Electricity is the way to go. And I was an all-gas customer a year ago…"
    - Operations director

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Improving the Bottom Line with Electric Broilers

As the owner of several restaurants, one 20-year veteran thinks about savings and productivity over time, not just on a day-to-day basis. He explains, “We project expenses terms of a year, because that’s when dollars really become significant.” In doing projections, he realized that costs were too high, especially for kitchen equipment.

Consider labor, maintenance and repair costs over time when choosing any piece of equipment for your business.

Challenges: Overheated budget and kitchens

At one point, all his kitchens had all gas appliances. But when he took a close look at total expenses related to labor, maintenance/repair and operating costs, he knew he needed options.

“Our biggest hurdle is people, machines and productivity, in addition maintenance costs,” he says. “We have to improve efficiency expenses any way we can. The more time-saving devices we can give employees, the better we can serve our guests,” he says.”Our gas equipment was time-consuming to clean, always needed repairs, and kept our kitchens hot.”

Solutions: Thorough audit points to electric equipment

He contacted his Georgia Power account manager, who in addition to recommending a lighting and energy audit, suggested he convert from gas broilers to electric models. The owner admits to being skeptical because of bad experiences with old electric broilers. New technology has improved them vastly, leading many food service operators to leave gas broilers behind.

“With electric equipment, grease drips on a special coating on the elements. It gives our burgers the flame broiling that’s our trademark. And we’re just as productive in turning out over 1,000 burgers a day.”

Results: Better productivity, lower costs make the switch worthwhile

“Replacement elements for the electric boiler are about a third the cost of gas burners,” he points out. “And their lifespan is longer. Also, because the electric broiler has half the parts of a gas broiler, it’s much easier to clean.” It takes one person a half hour to clean the electric broiler – half the time required by his old gas broilers. That saves us thousands annually in labor alone. The more durable elements in the gas broiler save us several more thousands in repairs. With the number of restaurants we have, the cost reduction is significant.”

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