Case Studies

    Solving a Costly Cooling and Personnel Problem

    Before finally seeking advice, management installed large fans -- wasting valuable dollars on equipment that didn’t solve the problem.

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13 Case Studies

All-Electric Kitchen Solves An Overheating Problem for Owner of Fast-Food Locations

“He has truly helped me save time and resources as a business owner.”

Convalescent Home Opts for Heat Pumps When Adding to Existing Facility

“Our budget, long-term needs, and resident comfort and safety were all critical considerations in our choice of equipment.”

Cooking Up Savings with Electric Equipment

"Electricity is the way to go. And I was an all-gas customer a year ago…"
- Operations director

Fortune 50 Company Partners with Georgia Power to Save 10+ Percent on Energy in Regional Offices

The company's next move: upgrading to high-efficiency lighting and motors to further reduce energy expenses and maintenance costs.

Hotel Solves Severe Heat and Humidity Problem with Equipment Upgrade

The business began to think more broadly in terms of overall energy use and future needs, rather than staying in survival mode. Once their laundry and kitchen problems were solved, they installed heat pumps in their pool.

Improving the Bottom Line with Electric Broilers

Consider labor, maintenance and repair costs over time when choosing any piece of equipment for your business.


13 Case Studies